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Rapid testing system

INT’s Palladium™ device is a portable laboratory, allowing on-demand testing with >95% sensitivity in any environment*. Our first test system improves food safety with Listeria environmental testing in about two hours.
*Not currently available in the U.S.


Cut the Wait

Remember mailing back Netflix DVDs? Those days have changed. Move your testing to on-demand, with answers in about two hours, not days.


Detect Harborage Points

Wi-fi enabled cloud-based data collection allows you to detect and address food safety issues, facility to facility, shift to shift.


Protect Your Brand

Listeria results in $2.7B in economic loss in the U.S. each year, with untold damage to company brands. Reduce risk with more frequent testing and faster results.

Palladium Test Results in an Hour
Palladium - Results on Demand

Palladium™ PCR testing combines multiple, expensive lab processes into a single, portable system. Genetic methods have proven highly accurate and reliable compared to traditional phenotypic methods.


AOAC validation testing expected to begin in August

tests to date
Foodborne Ilness deaths per year 
Loss due to listeria incidences in the U.S. per year
Average direct costs of a food safety recall


INT is committed to providing fast, accurate molecular diagnostics testing results that improve biological identification in the field and in operating facilities such as food processing plants. Founded in 2000 by an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, INT has developed a number of creative solutions for diagnostics and sample processing. These solutions include a working electronic DNA sensor, a universal sample preparation system, and a novel rotary valve disposable cartridge for automated processing of complex biological samples.
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