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    Integrated Nano-Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing fast, accurate test results that improve biological identification for a variety of applications. Founded in 2000 by an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, INT has developed a robust, on-site diagnostic platform replacing traditionally time-intensive and complex lab processes.

    The Palladium™ System provides rapid, molecular (PCR) test results in an automated closed system combining sample preparation, nucleic acid amplification and detection. With its straightforward “Sample In, Results Out” test process, manual processing errors are minimized to ensure reliable and accurate test results. The Palladium System enables any user with minimal training to conduct infectious disease testing for a multitude of applications. INT’s innovative platform has gained grant support from numerous governmental agencies and global foundations, to support a robust, high performance system that meets emerging needs in human healthcare, food processing, veterinary, biothreat and other applications.



    INT’s Palladium is an accurate, versatile and user-friendly testing system with applications in:

    Medical diagnostics: Provides the ability to potentially screen for multiple diseases or multiple variants simultaneously, radically improving diagnostics and treatment. Early identification of emerging diseases will allow for rapid containment and could prevent catastrophic losses in the event of an outbreak.

    Food safety: Allows on site detection of potential microbial contamination in food processing plants to limit and prevent foodborne illness arising from contaminated food sources.

    Animal health: The ability to rapidly and cost-effectively screen for infectious animals can significantly improve feedlot productivity. Early detection of diseases in economically important crops can assist efforts to curtail transmission and increase productivity.

    Biothreat detection: Enables quick and accurate testing for the presence of organisms that can be used in bioterrorism that pose harm and danger to the world’s population

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