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    Integrated Nano-Technologies (INT)


    INT is committed to providing fast, accurate test results that improve biological identification in the field and in operating facilities such as food processing plants. Founded in 2000 by an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, INT has developed a robust platform for diagnostics and sample processing, replacing traditionally time-intensive and complex lab processes.

    INT’s innovative Palladium™ system for rapid, on-site diagnostics is currently in the pilot testing phase. Palladium and its tests were developed in keeping with AOAC standards, and INT will be seeking approval in 2019.

    Palladium launches with a proven track record of successful data collection for multiple applications, user profiles, and environmental conditions. With input, collaboration and support from numerous governmental agencies, global foundations, and market-leading organizations, INT ensures a robust, high performance system that meets emerging needs.



    INT’s Palladium is a portable, versatile and user-friendly testing system with applications in:

    Food safety*: Environmental listeria testing will be available in 2018. Following next will be additional environmental tests and food sample tests  including listeria and salmonella. 

    Medical diagnostics*: The ability to screen for multiple diseases simultaneously, for example, a fever panel that can rule out 98% of causes of fever within the hour, radically improving diagnostics and treatment. Early identification of an occurrence of exotic diseases will allow for rapid containment and could prevent catastrophic losses in the event of an outbreak.

    Animal health*: The ability to rapidly and cost-effectively screen for infectious animals can significantly improve feedlot productivity, for example.
    *Not currently available in the U.S. 


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