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    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a major worldwide health crisis. Testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, is a critical and necessary tool in curtailing the spread of this highly infectious disease. Current testing methods have not been adequate to help to contain the pandemic. Tests are not widely available, have poor sensitivity and/or specificity, or results take days, leading to a delay of both treatment and contact tracing. While this pandemic has had a dramatic and sudden impact on society, INT has been working to develop the science behind a novel molecular diagnostic test system enabling easy and accurate testing required in a pandemic situation. 

    The Palladium COVID Test System, is a portable, rapid PCR-based diagnostic system with fully automated sample prep, target amplification, and detection in a closed system. This enables any user with minimal training to conduct COVID-19 testing anywhere. With its straightforward “Sample In, Results Out” test process using nasal swabs, manual processing errors are minimized to ensure reliability and accuracy.  Designed for use in a point-of-care setting, the Palladium System enables on-site molecular testing with results in approximately ninety minutes, eliminating the need, paperwork, and extra time required for sending samples out to be tested in a reference laboratory.


    The current testing solutions for COVID-19 include both molecular tests and antigen tests, with benefits and tradeoffs associated with each type. Molecular tests detect the nucleic acid sequence of the disease-causing agent using various nucleic acid amplification (NAA) technologies with the polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based tests considered the most accurate. However, PCR results being generated in a central laboratory can take days. The antigen test detects virus associated protein(s) and can be rapid but is generally more susceptible to false positives and false negatives. Molecular tests are being used in point-of-care settings, but accuracy is varied as some technologies are less robust than PCR and some may require manual processing steps that can cause errors.

    The Palladium COVID Test System is a portable, true point-of-care PCR-based test with absolutely NO manual processing steps. The technology in the Palladium System allows you to fully automate your testing process from sample to result. The straightforward no-prep process and fast turnaround time allow minimally-trained healthcare providers to administer and run a PCR test in their facility and get results to patients in about ninety minutes.

    Preparation is as easy as gathering a nasal sample using a swab. That sample can then be directly placed into the test cartridge, with no additional preparation or enrichment steps. The instrument will run the test and provide on-site accurate, actionable results without the need for a central lab. Now, CLIA-waived testing sites such as urgent care providers, health clinics and others have an accurate, reliable, automated option for on-site testing with the Palladium System for COVID-19.


     INT Palladium Test System for COVID-19 - an accurate, fully integrated solution for your POC testing needs. 


    *Not FDA cleared. Not yet available for sale




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