frequently asked questions

    Does Palladium currently have the ability to test the environment and food?
    Our first product is for listeria environmental testing. Food sample testing will be available in the future. 
    Is the swab technique as effective as my current sponge protocol?
    Studies show that there is no significant difference in detection between sample collection devices when comparing an environmental swab, sponge and foam spatula. However, after surfaces air-dried for an hour, the swab proved more effective.
    Does Palladium test for Listeria or Listeria Monocytogenes?

    INT's first test will be for the Listeria genus, ideal for environmental testing. We will be introducing a Listeria monocytogenes test in the future, which will bring the same speed and versatility to your food safety testing protocol.

    Is Palladium available for Listeria environmental testing?
    Our Listeria environmental test is in the pilot test phase and will be our first product to market. We intend to seek AOAC approval in 2019 for a Listeria genus test.
    Is Palladium available for Listeria food testing?
    The Palladium technology can run any number of tests, and INT expects to launch a Listeria monocytogenes test following the commercialization of our Listeria environmental test. 
    What are the installation requirements?
    With a small footprint, the Palladium is designed to be used when and where you need to test. The Palladium can be operated on standard electrical voltage, or run on a battery. Wi-fi access is required for centralized reporting.
    What kind of training is required?
    Palladium, with a user-friendly touchscreen and clear pass/fail interface, is designed to be used by plant workers and technicians. Our quick start guide and video collection will provide how-to’s on swabbing and sample processing. 
    How is my data stored?
    Test results are reported via wi-fi access to your organization’s cloud-based database. Data can be exported to a .csv file, and test results can be visually mapped for comparison between locations.
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