Food Safety Testing Protocols

    Environmental Listeria Test Protocol

    Swabs have proven to be as effective as sponge testing for environmental Listeria detection. For proper
    testing, use the following protocol to ensure consistent, accurate results.

    Swab Illustration-02.jpg


    1. Identify location to be tested.
    2. Remove swab from package. (We recommend swabs such as the Puritan HydraFlock swabs or Hygiena Q swab.)
    3. Swab location:
      • Swabbing a 6”x6” or even a 12” by 12” area can be done quickly and with good coverage. Swab the area in both directions, then diagonally to get efficient sampling.
      • For a drain or other surfaces, use the swab to get into crevices or other areas where bacteria may be trapped.
    4. Remove cartridge from package. Remove cap or seal over center chamber of cartridge and insert swab. Swirl swab in the center chamber, then squeeze liquid off against the side walls to release most of the fluid from the swab.
    5. Remove swab and cap center chamber.
    6. Turn on reader. Input User ID and passcode (if needed).
    7. Insert cartridge into Palladium™ reader.
    8. The device will identify the cartridge. Confirm test ID on screen.
    9.  Input location where test sample was collected.
    10. Start assay by selecting “run test”.
    11. Assay will run automatically. Reader will report results on screen and will upload results to a database.
    12. Remove and discard cartridge when the reader indicates that the test is complete.
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