PallAdium Test System

    Automate environmental testing in your food facility

    Lengthy testing procedures can cause many concerns for food safety professionals. Risk of further contamination, spread of bacteria, food recalls, stalled production or even the need for additional staff hours can all result in high costs and potential brand damage. 

    The technology in the Palladium system allows you to fully automate your testing process, from sample to result. The simple preparation and rapid result turnaround allows plant managers to avoid unnecessary lost time on production, as well as reduce the risk of contamination.

    Preparation is as simple as gathering your sample from a piece of equipment or food line using a swab. That sample can then be directly placed into the test cartridge, with no additional preparation or enrichment steps. The device will run the test and provide your results in about one hour.

    It's the fully integrated solution to your testing needs. 

    Compare Testing Methods


    • Samples are collected at the food production facility
    • Samples are sent to a laboratory for testing
    • If laboratory is not located within facility, shipping takes 1-2 days
    • At the laboratory, samples are logged and enriched for 6-48 hours
    • Enriched samples are tested (60-90 minutes)
    • Time to results: 2 to 5 days


    • Samples are gathered at the food production facility
    • Some samples, such as Listeria environmental swabs, require no enrichment
    • Testing is done at the facility. No laboratory required
    • No technical training required
    • Time to results: about one hour
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