Palladium test Cartridges

    Cartridges for molecular diagnostics

    INT's Palladium™ system works with cartridges for a number of markets to ensure on-site, rapid testing. The system is currently in the pilot testing phase in the food industry for environmental Listeria testing. Salmonella environmental testing and Listeria food testing will be future applications for this industry. Currently, the environmental cartridges are tested using PCR technology, however, INT has plans to expand the technology in the future to include methods that do not require PCR. Our tests allow any staff member to retrieve a simple sample with a swab and insert the sample into the test cartridge. There is no additional preparation or enrichment step. Learn more about the process here.

    Following the launch in the food safety industry, INT will begin creating additional molecular diagnostic tests for the animal health and medical diagnostic markets. 



    Food Safety
    Animal Health
    Medical Diagnositcs





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